Not everyone is getting the same out of healthcare.

Race, age, zip code, gender, sexual orientation, or other socioeconomic factors cause some patients to disproportionately experience worse health outcomes compared to other people.


Diverse Health Hub is committed to exploring the social determinants of health, increasing cultural competence among providers, and raising awareness about the roadblocks to equitable care.

What do we do about health equity?

Raise awareness.

Diverse Health Hub creates health equity-focused programs to provide insights from a large network of medical experts, patient opinion leaders, community-based organizations, and respected healthcare industry contributors. We answer unique questions intended to strike a dialogue from global perspectives.

Forge alliances.

We work with both patients and providers to ensure two-way communication.


Our health equity-focused podcast brings you insight from experts in the field, with questions from patients.

Our video programs feature interviews from medical experts with information directly for patients and their care teams.

Our events calendar keeps you informed about health equity webinars, conferences, and partner productions.

We write blog articles to appeal to anyone interested in health equity news and information.

Learn more about the intersection between health disparities and racism.

A multicultural panel of people speaking out against racism

our campaign to End Racism

Join us.

There is strength in numbers. Our collective authority grows with more registered patients and providers. All of us together can bring awareness to where it is necessary, and increase funding allocations for research and programs.

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