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OUR Company


A Health Equity Education and Awareness Channel

Working directly with a diverse patient and respected provider population in multiple therapeutic areas to promote cultural competence in healthcare


Diversify Minds, Diversify Care.

Diverse Health Hub is a health equity education and awareness channel producing educational content for both patients and providers in order to bridge the gaps between healthcare practices and the needs of multicultural communities. We answer unique questions through educational programs intended to strike a dialogue from diverse and global perspectives.

Health Equity Learning Channel 

A learning channel that sources diverse knowledge and research in healthcare for underserved communities around the world.

 Leaders in Healthcare Disparities Educational Content

Raising awareness  of health inequities

through programs with medical experts, patients, key opinion leaders and community based organizations.

Community Building, Advocacy & Outreach

Diversify minds, diversify care through a series of community led events, community building and sharing of best practices.

Diverse Health Hub strives to remove health inequities through educational programs and dialogue with topics drawn from a large global community.


This panel is comprised of patients, medical experts, patient opinion leaders (POLs), community-based organizations (CBOs), community opinion leaders (COLs), respected contributors and bloggers.


We believe access to these diverse perspectives cultivates culturally competent communities.



Creative Director

Tamara Lobban-Jones is a communications professional. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s renowned Broadcast Electronic Communications Arts Program. Early on, as an activist, Tamara led a small Bay Area radio show featuring community leaders who spoke on important local issues. Most recently, Tamara has served as Senior Production Manager at Patient Power, where she worked for over a decade, producing content for lung cancer, multiple myeloma and pancreatic cancer communities. She has produced thousands of quality video interviews with medical experts, patients and noted industry professionals around the world. Tamara’s love for community outreach expands to engage, support, and educate patients from all walks of life on their journey. She hopes to bring awareness to global cultural competence in healthcare and health equity issues.



Social Media Coordinator

Nykema is a New York native. She is a graduate of Norfolk State University, with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a focus on Exercise Science. She is currently enrolled in Hofstra’s Premedical Postbacc Program in Natural Science. Nykema has strong interests in medicine and intends on pursuing a dual Masters in Public Health and Physician Assistant Studies. Nykema’s underlying passion is to represent, educate, and care for underrepresented communities around the world.



Systems Administrator,

Grants Associate

A graduate from UC Berkeley, Christian pursued a variety of subjects from computer science to German philosophy. He has been involved with web design since GeoCities. Currently, as systems administrator for a small automotive shop, he is responsible for network management and web content production. Auxiliary to automotive, he is a published technical writer for Nissan. Christian’s love for education has expanded to teaching various programming languages to kids. He also moonlights as a video game designer. Christian is a generalist, interested in aspects of life beyond the computer screen: travel abroad, food, and foreign languages.



Editorial Content Strategist

Brooke graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology, focusing on media studies and cultural relativism. She studied the effectiveness of corporate advertisement specifically on young audiences, and the role of modern media in perpetuating existing social inequities. Brooke worked with at-risk youth implementing the school’s whole-child approach. As a middle school teacher, she developed her own metacognitive curriculum that emphasized cultural integration. Working with Patient Power, she helped produce content as a contributing writer. Brooke practices yoga and mindfulness. She is curious about the impact they have on physical and societal illnesses on a global scale.



Program Host

Rebecca graduated from University of San Francisco with a degree in applied economics, focusing on marketing, program management and event management. Her experience is unmatched when it comes to aligning program scope with strategic business objectives. Rebecca has an extensive background in managing marketing campaigns and is highly skilled at communicating with a variety of audiences. 

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys walking her dog, spending time with friends and trying new eateries. Among her favorite things to do is stand up paddle boarding and trout fishing.