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Data and Predictions in Healthcare, lessons from the COVID pandemic

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Using data to predict outcomes is healthcare in the 21st century. In light of the pandemic, Dr. Gary Puckrein of the National Minority Quality Forum brings up important lessons about how projections from data on COVID-19 correctly anticipated hospitalization rates. This ability to anticipate is also relevant for other disease areas, and informs therapy to maximize positive individual outcomes.

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Gary Puckrein, MD, PhD

Executive Director of the National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF), in Washington, D.C.


You’re listening to a newsy nugget brought to you by Diverse  Health Hub, a health equity education and awareness channel. I’m  Christian Strohm, and thanks for tuning in! We had the opportunity to  speak with Dr. Gary Puckrein, president and CEO of the National Minority  Quality Forum. Dr. Puckrein highlights the power of data in predicting  health outcomes, and discusses the opportunity for intervention in  context of the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Puckrein, can you speak on any valuable lessons that we all should learn from this COVID pandemic?

[Dr. Puckrein]
So,  there’s a couple, you know – obviously we’re very early into the  epidemic and so it’s hard to draw a lot of lessons and as we get through  this, we’ll have time for that. But a couple of quick observations that  I would like to make, one is that where healthcare is going these days,  it’s about predictions, right? Here, we can predict in January what  this virus is going to be doing in populations in April and May. You  could do the same thing with diabetes, with heart failure, renal  disease, all of those chronic diseases. When you look at hospitalization  rates, mortality costs, those are all highly predictable and the  ability to predict means you have the opportunity to intervene and  that’s what big data is about. It’s about using that data to get the  best possible outcome for patients and so, one of the lessons we hope –  as we move away from this virus and get control over it, is that we  learn a big-time lesson which is we have a lot of ability to control.  And so, what we talk about less these days is about health disparities  and more about controlling health outcomes. We have the capacity to  control health outcomes which is a big deal. You couldn’t say that in  the 20th century or the 19th century, so the partnerships that we form  is really about how do we support local care networks to get predictable  positive outcomes for patients.

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