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Recently named one the most influential NHS chief executives in England, East London NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive Dr. Navina Evans shares her advice for increasing leadership diversity in health care.

Health Disparity Priorities

Sickle cell disease is caused by a mutation with millions of people affected worldwide. Sickle cell is more common among people of certain ancestries, including those of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean, and Asian descent. Many disparities have been noted in the study of sickle cell disease. Through a series of educational programs, Diverse Health Hub will spotlight these important issues.

Sickle Cell

Multiple myeloma is a blood disorder that begins in the plasma cells. Studies have shown that minority populations are at an elevated risk for myeloma, yet are unrepresented in research. Through a series of educational programs, Diverse Health Hub will spotlight important news impacting myeloma patients and their families.

Multiple myeloma

Renal medullary carcinoma (RMC) is a very rare, aggressive, difficult to treat kidney cancer that predominantly impacts young people of African descent carrying the sickle cell trait or sickle cell disease. With many disparities already existing in sickle cell disease, Diverse Health Hub has made it our priority to spotlight this rare cancer for patients and families impacted by RMC.

renal medullary carcinoma

Breast cancer survival and screening rates have improved significantly. However, incidence rates are higher among women of color and more often than not, these women are diagnosed at a later stage. Disparities in breast cancer underserved communities hinge on differences in access to care and disease awareness, but there is more to the story. Through a series of educational programs, Diverse Health Hub will spotlight important issues around breast cancer health equity related news to keep patients and families in the know.

breast cancer

Clinical trials are responsible for numerous advancements in medicine and cures for a multitude of diseases. Trials continue to be the key to helping experts deliver tomorrow's medicine today, the bridge to what's next. Evidence has shown that, Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans are not adequately represented in clinical trials in the US. Researchers are now exploring whether various populations respond differently to treatment and what bearing this has on potential treatment strategies. Through a series of educational programs, Diverse Health Hub will highlight important topics around trial participation.

Clinical trial participation




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Thu, Apr 23
Belfer Research Building
2020 LGBT Health Workforce Conference®
A Call to Action: LGBT Health Advocacy in 2020
Tue, May 19
San Diego
Health Equity Conference May 19, 2020 San Diego, Calif.
NRHA's Health Equity Conference is one of the National Rural Health Association's fastest-growing conferences. This conference is designed for those who are dedicated to bringing quality health care and services to the most underserved, and often under-represented, portions of the rural population.
Thu, Feb 20
Location is TBD
Webinar: HAIR Campaign - “No Research on Us Without Us"
Hosted by AAMC, this webinar will discuss engaging communities to improve health equity.
Fri, Feb 07
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